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Energy through Agriculture



Developer of new housing technology in Taos New Mexico creating what was known to be called Spaceship houses.


Chris has as vowed to stop the government on its attack on social security and medicare.


Chris doesn't just talk about helping the environment. In fact as an energy operator he has decades of experience in working with state such as Texas and New Mexico with energy concepts and ideas all geared to help save the planet.  His group Sustainable Angels and their accomplishments speak for themselves.  Together he has a published a book called "The Convenient Solution" and "Sustainable Freedom" where he introduced Elon Musk to the world some 20 years ago. 


Chris Sanders is a diversified Christian and hires Christians and people of Faith.  He will set Leonard Peltier free from the Federal US Government who trespassed to enforce laws outside of their jurisdiction.   He believes Peltier is the exact same type of captive that the January 6th prisoners are and that the government used them to enforce tyranny and steal and election of land.

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